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Adi Suryanto

Adi Suryanto

You should want Adi Suryanto working for you when sell your greatest asset. Why? Because his aim is not to meet expectations, but to exceed them.


His record - which is full of sales records - speaks for itself. Everywhere he goes, Adi leaves happy vendors behind!


Adi loves gardening, and he brings that approach to his work. He loves to nurture and encourage and he loves to see things grow as a result of his work! “Rarely do you see someone who loves to negotiate and yet never drives a hard bargain.


Adi sees his job as facilitating a sale, and he does it so well the client barely feels as though they’ve been through it – except for the pleasant surprise that appears in their bank account!”

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Adi Suryanto

Property Consultant

Shop 2, 2 Carmen Drive