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Tenants Vacating

How do I give notice to vacate?

The first step to vacating the property is to email your Property Manager giving notice - you can fill in the form below if you wish to vacate your property


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I want to vacate my rental property

What happens if I want to end my tenancy early?


We can help.


Sometimes circumstances can change and you need to end your tenancy agreement early. However, it is important to understand your obligations.

When you break a lease, you are terminating a legally binding agreement between you and the owner of the property.


If you break your lease in the first half of your lease agreement there will be a penalty of six weeks rent.

If you break the lease in the second half of your tenancy there will be a penalty of four weeks rent.

If you have any further questions please contact your property manager for more information.



The Final Rental Payment


Once you have given notice to vacate, your Property Manager will contact you by the close of business and give you a final rental payment. It is best to stop your direct debit at this point and complete a one-off payment of the final amount.



The Final Clean


This is a vital part of the vacate process. Please do not underestimate a professional clean by experienced cleaners.

Please note that the property must be cleaned when you hand back the keys to your Property Manager prior to close of business on the last day of your tenancy.

Your Property Manager will make every effort to meet you at the property on the day you vacate to ensure it is a smooth process. If all work is complete, the bond can be released on the same day.

Kitchen cupboards – Inside and outside of cupboards.

Oven – Inside & outside of oven.

Dishwasher – Please ensure the dishwasher is wiped clean on the inside and outside and the filter is clear of debris and food.

Benchtops – Please clean all marks with an approved product.

Walls – Please sugar soap and clean all walls at the property.

Windows/Window sills – Please ensure all accessible windows are clean on the inside and outside. Please ensure the window sills are free of dust.

Bathrooms – Please clean the bathroom in detail. Please use an approved product in the grout to remove any mould or build up grime.

Please contact you Property Manager to help with this process.



Keys & Remotes


We require the full sets of keys including front door, back door, window keys, garage keys, post box and garage remotes to be returned on the last day of your tenancy.



Gardens & Lawns


Gardens must be tidied, grass freshly mowed, garden beds free of all weeds, hedges trimmed if tenant responsibility and the green bin left out for collection.


Swimming Pool



Please ensure the cleaning is up to date, free of leaves and debris and ready for use.


Air Conditioning


We will require all air-conditioning remotes left at the property. Please ensure all accessible filters are clean and dust free. If the unit is faulty or damaged please report to the office.





As per the lease and pet agreement please ensure the property is treated and supply a receipt to the office. Please ensure all carpets are cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner. Please contact the office for our specialist in these areas.


Smoke Alarms


Please report any issues around smoke alarms to the office.





Phone, Gas, Electricity, TV, Internet. We recommend cancelling or transferring plans for the property or transferring to your new address. You may need to call your provider two weeks prior to closing the account. We recommend that all tenants secure a provider prior to moving in to avoid any delays with services.


Redirect Your Personal Mail



We recommend that you contact your local post office and arrange a re-direct. This will avoid any confusion with the mail or the tenant receiving private information.





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